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Hosting a House Party Fundraiser


Congresswoman Norton has been leading our toughest fight since the passage of the Home Rule Act against Republicans trying to take D.C.’s home rule apart piece by piece. But last week she set the stage for a successful Congressional hearing by assuring that there would be positive testimony, and the result, instead of another attack on the District of Columbia, was a positive proposal from Chairman Darrell Issa for more budget freedom for D.C. from Congress.

This turnaround news for D.C. comes as the signs are increasingly good nationwide for Democrats to win back the House. We in DC are getting busy because the District of Columbia has more to gain from Democratic control of Congress than any district in the nation. As a senior Democrat, Eleanor is part of this frontline fundraising Democratic effort. House Democrats have been able to raise more campaign funds than ever, a sure sign that voters are fed up with these Republicans. Hard work has brought a positive response from one committee, but if we want to keep our home rule intact, much less win voting rights and statehood, we’ve got to raise money in D.C. to help win control of the House and send Republicans home. Republicans are still trying to hit us where it hurts. They have already introduced another bill to erase D.C.’s gun laws. Their 2012 budget proposal seeks to defund DC TAG, which is sending thousands of DC students to college. Please help us fight back to win back the House.

Residents are having Norton Fight Back House Parties in each ward beginning next month. Please make sure your ward joins the Fight for DC in Congress. It’s easy: You invite your friends and neighbors, and we help with the planning. This has got to be a team effort. We need your help. Please let us know if you are willing to host a Norton Fight Back for DC House Party Fundraiser.

Call or e-mail Jackie Pelt at (202) 207-8829 or citizenstoelectnorton@gmail.com to schedule your house party.

: October 1st, 2011